Total minimum cost


Local Calls

22c per min

National Calls

14c per min

Mobile Calls

22c per min


40c per min



ISDN2 lines are used for voice and data communications and start from 2 channels (lines).

You can add further connections (in pairs) up to 8 channels which increases the number of simultaneous connections and or available bandwidth. It also means as your business grows, your communications will grow with you.

It can also give you access to the internet, much like a standard phone line. The key difference to a standard line being the ISDN2 channels can be used separately - so you can use the internet on one channel and receive a fax or make a call on the other.

Call quality with an ISDN2 line will nearly always be clearer and sharper than a standard phone line too.

An ISDN2 line can offer speeds of up to 128kbps (each channel is 64kbps) when the two channels combine to connect to the internet. This is faster than a standard modem. It's a good fall back option to have if needed.


  • Perform multiple tasks simultaneously With ISDN2 you'll have 2 lines/channels to use separately or simultaneously, so you can do 2 things at once.
  • Unlimited DDI numbers for easy contact You can have an unlimited number of DDI numbers, allowing frequent callers to get straight through to the person they wish to contact, without passing through a switchboard.


  • It builds on groups of standard transmission channels. Bearer channels (or B channels) transmit user information at relatively high speeds, while separate Data channels (or D channels) carry call set-up, signaling and other information.
  • It handles all types of information. Unlike some other digital communications technologies, ISDN handles all types of information - voice, data, studio-quality sound, still and moving images. They are all digitized, and transmitted at high speeds in the same flow of data.
  • It handles many devices and many telephone numbers, on the same line. Up to eight separate telephones, fax machines or computers can be linked to a single ISDN connection, and have up to 64 "call appearances" of the same or different telephone numbers.
  • It supports up to three calls at the same time. Two voice, fax or PC "conversations," and one data "conversation" can take place at the same time, through the same ISDN connection.

Terms And Conditions

Crunch ISDN Easy 89.95 Plan: 1. The Crunch ISDN Easy 89.95 plan is available to businesses with an active ABN/ACN. 2. Has a minimum spend of $89.95 per month and includes one ISDN2 channel 3. If you choose to cancel your plan within the 24 month agreement term and out of the 10 business day cooling off period, the agreement payout is $220 and is payable to Crunch Tel P/L within 14 days from your final invoice due date. 4.National calls are timed and charged at 14 cents per minute, 35 cents per minute for Fixed to Mobile calls, 40 cents per call for 13/1300 calls, International calls and all value added services as per rate card online.5. 22 cents flagfall applies to all timed calls. 6.Monthly Access Fee of $89.95, charged in advance, is prorated from the date services become active. 7.All Prices mentioned on this flyer include GST. 8. This plan is provided along with the Terms & Conditions of Crunch Tel P/L and its subsidiary companies and can be withdrawn at any time without notice. 9. This plan obligates the user to a minimum spend of $89.95 per line. 11. To terminate the Crunch Tel account, a 30 day written notice must be mailed to PO Box 862 South Yarra, Vic, 3141 or emailed 12.This plan can’t be combined with any other offer from Crunch Tel P/L & its subsidiary companies 13. Payment via Visa and Mastercard incurs a 1.5% surcharge and payment via American Express and Diners Club incurs a 3.5% surcharge on the final invoice amount payable. 14.Unused monthly Account Credit forfeited. 15. Telstra Value added services: Telstra Message bank, Line Hunt is passed through. 16. Late payment fee for overdue account is $19.95.