The first page of your Telecommunication Bill provides you with an overview of your charges, and the total amount payable to Crunch for the services provided to you in the previous billing month. It also tells you the due date of the bill as well as a remittance advice.

  1. Issue Date: The date your bill was issued
  2. Account Number: This is your unique account number for the services on your bill.
  3. Total Amount Due: This is the amount owing on this bill after calculating GST, special discounts and any add ons as well as any starting balance. You are able to see any overdue charges as well as adjustments and previous payments received.
  4. Bill Due Date: The date by which the charges of this bill as well as any previous overdue charges are due.
  5. Your Account Summary: Here you find the services that are billed on this account and what they contribute to the total amount owing. Each service is further broken down on page 3 of the bill.
  6. How to pay: This section lists other payment options available to you. These include bpay, direct debit, remittance, credit card and direct transfer.


The second page of your bill shows your Biller Code and Reference Number.

The third page of your bill breaks down each total shown in Page 1. This page lists all the service numbers with the plan type under this account as well as a summary total for calls as well as other usage during the bills invoice period.

  1. Summary by charge type: This lists all the service numbers with the plan type under this account with total amounts for each service.
  2. Service Summary: The phone number and its associated plan are shown. If there is more than one service on your bill you can see which charges apply to which service.
  3. Total: This is the sum of your recurring charges for the phone number indicated.