What is an Authorised Representative?

An authorised representative is someone you appoint to deal with Crunch Tel on your behalf as your agent. They have power to act and access information from Crunch Tel as if they were you. If you choose to give them only limited rights they will only have those rights. Including any limitation you specify on access to your information.

We may also accept a person who holds an appropriate Power of Attorney or Guardianship Order as Advocate or Authorised Representative for a customer. Please forward a certified copy of the Power of Attorney or Guardianship Order together with the Authorised Representative Form located at the bottom of this page.(signed by the Attorney or Guardian for the customer). We may need to have the documents checked before we can accept the appointment.

To protect your privacy and security and to minimise the risk of fraud, our normal requirement is:

This Appointment be submitted by post as a signed original, witnessed by a lawyer, doctor, pharmacist, centre link officer or member of police.

If this is too difficult or inconvenient for you, please call our Customer Service team. We will talk with you about an alternative way to accept the Appointment while protecting your interests.

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